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Chimney Stack Refurbishment

Due to their location, it’s easy for your chimney stack to suffer damage. Should this happen, it’s vital you get a chimney stack refurbishment to restore it into the best condition it can be.

It’s important to look after your chimney stack and keep them in good condition. A damaged or unmaintained chimney stack, at best, doesn’t look good on the property, and at worst could fall and either hurt someone or damage nearby property. This means that getting a chimney stack refurbishment sooner, rather than later, is important for both the safety of your house or building, as well as the people in and around it. Damage can be both external and internal and come from a variety of sources.

Internally, a chimney being used will be subjected to chemical reactions between the chimney walls and the smoke and gas travelling through it, with some smoke containing acidic compounds. The soot inside the chimney can be considered a fire hazard. Also, the repeated heating and cooling can damage the insides.

Externally, the chimney stack is in a vulnerable position, and is exposed to the weather all year round. This can lead to a variety of issues, from the chimney stack developing a lean, to losing a few bricks, to the whole thing collapsing.

If a chimney isn’t being used, such as if the fireplace in the house is bricked up, it‘s easy to let maintenance fall to the wayside. Any temporary repairs that are done aren’t 100% reliable in the long term. Ideally, you’d need a chimney stack refurbishment done to properly fix any issues.

If you’re unsure of the state of your chimney stack, or suspect that there’s damage, the ideal thing to do is get an inspection. Contact Colne Valley Preservations Ltd and we’ll come out and perform an inspection, and determine if a chimney stack refurbishment is needed.