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Dry Rot Control and Timber Treatments

Suspect a problem?

It is essential that if you discover decay or think you have a problem that you instruct a qualified professional surveyor to investigate and determine the exact type of decay and offer a proposal for a repair specification.

Is your timber surveyor qualified?

We provide mortgage accepted timber and damp reports which are undertaken by a independent and fully qualified surveyor who holds the national qualification for Remedial Surveying (C.S.R.T). This proves that our surveyor has been independently examined and tested, proving their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Our surveyor will endeavour to inspect all structural floor and roof timbers for infestation and decay such as dry rot & wet rot within the customers parameters on the understanding that further access to the property may be required to ascertain the root cause. This could involve a in depth external inspection of the property to identify potential defects, which could allow water ingress or damp to occur, placing unprotected timbers at risk.

All of our surveys are carried out in accordance with The British Standards Code of Practice.

Provided prior permission is agreed our timber surveys may include but are not restricted to; lifting floorboards for full sub floor inspections and access into roof spaces. Photographic evidence of our findings are recorded and included within our report.

Our timber surveys include:

  • External inspections
  • Structural floor and roof inspections
  • Sub floor ventilation assessment
  • Damage analysis of timber
  • Insect identification
  • Decay identification
  • Wood moisture content assessment

Our reports contain comprehensive advice of any problems identified and include our recommendations, specification and costs for repair, if necessary.

Our surveyor will specify the safest and most effective method of treatment for your circumstances.

We are a team of Contractors, Technicians, Surveyors and Consultants you can trust.