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Running water on windows, walls damp to the touch, black mould on walls and ceilings, mould on clothes. family developing chesty coughs.

Condensation is the most underrated form of damp in terms of damage to your property and your health, often causing untold damage to joinery, decorations, clothing and soft furnishings. It differs from rising or penetrating damp in that it is caused by excessive moisture in the air (high humidity) that cannot escape from a building rather than damp coming in.

Usually the first signs of condensation are running water on windows and black mould that appears in the corners of walls and ceilings. This is known as the black mould fungus (Aspergilla spp) which only develops where there is condensation. Condensation can also attract dust mites and misery for young children and people with respiratory problems.

Immediate action required to eliminate your high humidity

High humidity/condensation problems can be controlled by balancing a consistant temperature with ventilation. This sometimes requires a change of lifestyles, which for some people who are not at home all day, is very difficult.

Our qualified damp and timber surveyor will survey your property and recommend the correct solution for reducing the humidity/condensation problem to an acceptable level without having to leave your property insecure with windows open. It is possible that he will recommend either a Condensation Control Unit (CCU), Pacifyer Vents, or Extractor Fans, even something as simple as trickle vents, depending on the extent of the condensation problem.

We will submit a detailed report and our recommendations, together with our estimate for rectifying the condensation problem. Our technicians are experienced in this field and most systems can be installed in just one day and start working immediately.


  • Condensation Control units either wall mounted or in the loft
  • Passyfier Vents to increase the ventilation
  • Extractor fans
  • Trickle vents
  • Insulated boarding to cold walls
  • Fungicidal wash to treat mould on walls and ceilings