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When considering having damp proofing treatment carried out, one of the first questions many homeowners ask is;

“How long after the new damp proof course has been injected can I re-plaster the walls and decorate?”

Certified damp proofing products state that new wall plaster should not be applied for at least 14 days after the injection of a remedial damp proof course.  Indeed in the damp proofing industry’s own Code of Practice it states that “Walls will take at least 6 to 12 months to dry out. The presence of paints, renders and wall thickness will substantially extend the drying period due to a barrier being added to the surface.

Colne Valley Preservations now offers a Total Damp Treatment  that enables us to plaster and complete internal finishing such as decorating within days of completion of the damp proof treatment without having to wait for the damp walls to dry out.

Once the certified injection damp proof course has been installed, or the alternative Electro Osmosis System, a Plaster Cavity mesh membrane is fit to the wall to provide a physical barrier that protects the plaster finish from salting throughout the drying down period.

The Plaster Cavity membrane has a mesh face which can be finished with normal plastering techniques, such as dry-lining etc so there is no visible signs of the cavity membrane.

Colne Valley Preservations own Re-Plastering specification is ideal for total damp proofing and for use after flood water damage. We offer a remedial re-plastering treatment to prevent salts such as Nitrates and Chlorides. After treatment for rising damp and penetrating damp, walls are now warmer this also helps combat condensation. There is now no need to wait for long before plastering and decorating following DPC treatment for flood damage.

Colne Valley Preservations total damp proofing treatment is now available please ring today for further information.

Colne Valley Preservations can also provide our customers with full term insurance protected guarantees, that cover both workmanship and materials for Damp proofing, Timber Treatments, and our own Re-Plastering Specifications,

We consider our Insurance backed guarantees to be the leading guarantees specified by the Local authorities, the NHBC and Zurich Insurance.

Colne Valley Preservations have been established since 1981 and now in our fourth decade as Specialist Experts in Damp proofing, Underground Waterproofing, Timber Treatment Preservation and Re Plastering Specifications.

We are fully qualified and fully Insured skilled Contractors using tried and trusted methods to make a building habitable quickly. Reducing the cost of temporary accommodation and the stress caused to the home owner. All our products  used are of the highest quality and approved where appropriate.

10 year Insured Guarantees covering the treatment of;