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External Waterproof Silicone

When it comes to doing external building work, you need to make sure that any sealant you use, when filling holes or securing joins and joint, can withstand the weather and conditions found in the North of England. What we use here at Colne Valley Preservations is external waterproof silicone. There are many reasons we use it, which we’ll list here, and by the end we hope you’ll agree with us.

First off, as the name implies, external waterproof silicone is waterproof. This is essential, due to the amount of rain England is known for receiving, you don’t want the sealant you use to react with the rain and start decaying.

Next up, the relationship between external waterproof silicone and heat. First off, it’s thermally stable. Its properties remain relatively constant from far below freezing, to much higher than the boiling point of water (specifically, roughly -100 degrees C, up to 250 degrees C). This means you can take it anywhere on Earth and be certain it’ll act exactly the same, whether it’s the Antarctic, or the Sahara. It also means external waterproof silicone can take the temperature variations here in Lancashire with ease. Also, it’s not conductive to heat, which means that it will only allow a low amount of heat, or cold through. Ideal for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

There’s several other factors that make external waterproof silicone an excellent sealant. It’s not particularly reactive chemically. This means that no matter what you throw at it, there’s be little to no reaction. It also doesn’t allow for microbial growth, so there won’t be any funguses or bacteria growing on it and causing it to go a funny colour. External waterproof silicone also has a low toxicity, so it’s unlikely to poison you (but if you do swallow any, please see a doctor). Lastly, it doesn’t conduct electricity well, so if any gets on, or near, the wires in your walls, it won’t cause any shorts.

Overall, external waterproof silicone is weatherproof, and will survive anything that the English weather can throw at it.

This is why we use it here at Colne Valley Preservations Ltd.