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Colne Valley Preservations is a family business based in Nelson, Lancashire, that has been established since 1981 and now in our Fourth Decade as Specialist Experts in Building Preservations and the Remedial Treatments of Damp proofing, Timber Decay, Wood Infestation, Basement Waterproofing, Condensation and Mould Control, Wall tie replacement as well as re-plastering specifications in Old Traditional Buildings and New Builds.

We pride ourselves in leaving an excellent clean finish in all our work and look at quality and performance at all times. We always use the most environmentally friendly products and comply with both COSHH Regulations 2002 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, to successfully treat problems. We treat jobs as an individual and consider the clients needs and the environment.

Colne Valley Preservations are a Qualified and Insured Remedial Treatments Company.

Our fully qualified surveyor holding the nationally recognised C.S.R.T qualification (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment).

Watch out for Unofficial Damp & Timber Advice

Damp Proofing and Timber Treatment Recommendations

Probably the most common report for older properties and the one that most worries the public. Most surveyors will recommend this report as soon as their moisture meter turns amber or red. In most cases it will be caused by bridging of the damp proof course where some cowboy building work has been carried out. Rising damp is relatively rare and not that difficult or expensive to remedy. If a patio is bridging the damp proof course it will be considerably more expensive.

To have a Professional Survey Report done and don’t be afraid to pay for the report as most of the more professional firms will make a charge. Timber problems such as dry rot or beetle attack will often be related to dampness combined with a lack of ventilation. Your report should recommend on how the conditions that caused the attack can be improved as well as the replacement of affected timbers.

Professional Damp & Timber Survey Reports Burnley

If you have been advised to carry out a Damp & Timber Report/Survey by your Bank or Mortgage Lender they advise to use a CSRT Qualified Surveyor or if you are just considering buying or selling a property or are simply concerned about dampness, woodworm or timber decay within your property you may be interested in a full Damp and Timber survey by one of our fully qualified remedial treatment surveyors, who will be able to identify whether fungal decay is dry rot or just wet rot Is the wood worm active or not What type of woodworm is it And is that dampness rising damp, penetrating damp or just simply condensation.

Our surveys are carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standard codes of practice as far as practicable, meeting the requirements of Building Societies, banks and local authorities.

Be sure you’re getting the best advise by using Colne Valley Preservations.

10 Year Insured Guarantees Available Upon Request.