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Damp Problems in your home

Before undertaking any repair it is essential that your damp problem is assessed by a qualified surveyor, for failing to have the problem diagnosed accurately may result in unsuccessful repair, avoidable work, expense and risk of the problem returning.

We provide Mortgage accepted timber and damp reports which are undertaken by our experienced surveyor who holds the national CSRT qualification for remedial surveying

Our surveys are carried out in accordance with The British Standards Code of Practice.

Osmosis Damp Proof Course

Where the problem has been identified as rising damp, and where a damp proof course is absent or inadequate, we offer different methods of a DPC (damp proof course). Generally, a damp proof course is installed by Chemical injection or by means of Electro Osmosis. Occasionally, it may be preferable to use a Plaster Cavity membrane system as a re plastering specification after the installation of a damp proof course.

Electro Osmosis DPC

This is based on the theory that moisture rises from the earth by capillary and osmotic action, causing an electrical potential to develop between the wall and the earth. The introduction of an electric current interferes with the mechanics of this moisture flow. There are two electro osmotic methods, the passive system and the active system.

The passive system relies on earthing a copper strip inserted at approximately ½ meter intervals into 2/3 of the thickness of the wall. The earth rod, or the series of earth rods, short out the electrical potential, thus stopping further rising damp.

The active system uses a low DC current from a mains transformer, directed to wires linking up to anodes in the wall, providing an electric charge repelling the charged water molecules rising from the ground.

Electro osmosis DPC is usually used for stone buildings; however, our knowledgable surveyor has years of experience in determining which method is the best solution for each situation. We provide a detailed written report on the findings of the survey, along with a competitive quotation for any remedial work and Treatments required. Our surveyor will also identify any timbers affected by dry rot,wet rot,woodworm and suggest any remedial works required.

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